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Embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery with Signature Africa's groundbreaking off the beaten path packages, designed for the adventurous at heart. As connoisseurs of luxury travel, we invite you to explore the hidden treasures of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan, where untamed wilderness meets unparalleled luxury.


In partnership with local communities and conservation efforts, we've curated exclusive itineraries that venture beyond the typical tourist trails. Picture yourself traversing the misty peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, encountering elusive mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Or perhaps, lose yourself in the vast savannas of Kenya, where the rhythm of the Maasai Mara pulses through the land.


Tanzania beckons with its diverse landscapes, from the iconic Serengeti plains to the towering peaks of Kilimanjaro. Our offbeat excursions offer a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Rwanda, where encounters with endangered mountain gorillas are just the beginning of an enriching journey.


Venturing even further, our expeditions in South Sudan unveil the raw beauty of Africa's newest nation, where pristine wilderness and ancient traditions converge. Amidst sprawling grasslands and winding waterways, discover the essence of true exploration.


At Signature Africa, we understand that luxury lies not only in lavish accommodations but also in the authenticity of experiences. That's why we prioritize intimate encounters with nature and local cultures, ensuring every moment is imbued with meaning and wonder.


Led by knowledgeable guides and supported by our commitment to sustainable tourism, each journey is a testament to our dedication to preserving Africa's natural heritage for generations to come. Whether you're tracing the footsteps of giants on a walking safari or savoring sundowners beneath a star-studded sky, every moment with Signature Africa is an ode to the extraordinary.

11 Days // 10 Nights

Equatoria Tribes – A trip to South Sudan

10 Days // 9 Nights

Northern Tanzania Safari

8 Days // 7 Nights

Best of Rwanda

9 Days // 8 Nights

Kenya Wildlife Safari

10 Days // 9 Nights

Roaming Uganda’s Wild

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